Campbell High Teacher David Harrigan Remembered as a Visionary

December 4, 2015

David Harrigan

David Harrigan

by Doug Robinson

“Mr. Dave Harrigan passed away November 21” could be heard over the public address system at Campbell High School this past Tuesday morning.  “Mr. Harrigan spent the final eight years of his amazingly diverse professional career teaching at Campbell High School before he retired in 2009,” said longtime friend and colleague of Phil Martin, music teacher.  “All of us who knew him valued his insight and loved his sense of humor.  His contributions to the Campbell community are felt to this day.”

Students, upon hearing the announcement, stopped in their steps, heads bowed in respect, as they listened.  They listened with the respect of not someone they knew, but that which comes from that tradition of character, courage, respect, and responsibility so deeply engrained within the Campbell community.

School Principal Laurie Rothhaus reflected that Harrigan was one of the “core” teachers who helped “build the foundation of this school.  He was “instrumental” in the development of Campbell as a standards-based school with competencies.

Fellow teacher and friend, Shawn Flynn, math teacher curriculum facilitator, spoke of his “humor and ability to reason” with the best.  “His humor would just stop a conversation cold, and people would laugh and then agree.”

“He was witty, intelligent, and had a very dry sense of humor,” continued Martin.  At age 50, he became a social studies teacher at Campbell High School.  He enjoyed every day with his students and fellow teachers until his retirement in 2009.  He was a collector of information, experiences and hats.”

A family member wrote of Dave Harrigan, “He lived a life of exploration and learning, no matter how many challenges came his way.”

When Campbell High School opened in 2000, many referred to the school as “Star Trek High,” commented Rothhaus.  “He was a true visionary and our kids are reaping those rewards today.”