Campbell Graduates Step Forward into the World

June 21, 2019


by Laurie Jasper

Campbell High School’s Class of 2019 celebrated graduation on Friday evening, June 14.  Although ominous clouds and strong winds created challenges at times during the outdoor event, the only real weather issue seemed to be how to keep warm, as the temperature dropped throughout the ceremony.

Litchfield Police Honor Guard’s Presentation of the Colors was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance on the date we commemorate Flag Day.

Rachel Goldstein, a member of the 2019 class, performed a beautiful rendition of the national anthem.

Class Secretary Ethan Burns welcomed family and friends and, as is Campbell High tradition, asked the seniors to deliver the white carnation located underneath their seats to the person who had the biggest impact on them through their high school years.  While many ran to find relatives, quite a few students lined up to bestow English teacher Aimee Gaspar with a carnation and a hug.

This year, the graduates dedicated their yearbook to Philip Martin.  Martin, Campbell’s beloved music director for 17 years who retired in 2017, passed away unexpectedly in August.  Class members Rachel Goldstein and Katrina Hubbard presented Martin’s wife, Sherry, with a copy of the yearbook.  “Phil spent the best years of his life here.  He really put his heart and soul in his students. Thank you for the amount of appreciation you have for Phil.  He’s up there smiling,” said Sherry Martin.

Class Essayist Olivia Garand spoke of the four core values at Campbell High:  character, courage, respect, and responsibility.  “As a freshman, I’ll be the first to admit that hearing these four words was just like hearing any other four words, it didn’t mean much, if anything, at all.  However, I am happy that my perception has changed.  The amount of impact that these words have brought into my life … is much larger than tongue can tell,” Garand said.

Salutatorian Grace Theberge urged her classmates to get out of their comfort zones.  “Try things that scare you,” she said.  “As we move forward into the world, I am confident that we will use the same tenacity, spirit, and creativity that unites us as a class to make our world a better place,” Theberge concluded.

Campbell Class of 2019 Valedictorian Emily Coughlin shared that she thinks and writes best in the shower.  Her advice to her classmates was, “Be the youyou are in the shower.”  “It’s not hard to be yourself in the shower, but it’s a shame that so little of our time is spent here.  We should live with the same level of confidence that we feel while washing our hair; we should go about life as dreamers, as doers and as risk-takers,” Coughlin said.

Next, Principal William Lonergan and Assistant Principal Michael Perez awarded the diplomas. Row by row, in the school colors, a sea of red and black caps and gowns were escorted to the stage, with female graduates in red, males in black.

“What is important is that we enjoy ourselves today at graduation, and to be proud of what we have achieved, and excited of what is to come,” said Class President Jeffrey Allen, before leading the class in moving their tassels from the right to left side of their mortarboards.  And with that, the 117 members of Campbell High School Class of 2019 became Campbell High School alumni.