Calculating the Towns’ Tax Impact

March 18, 2016


by Len Lathrop

Now that a week has passed since the election and more information is available, the current Hudson Town tax rate is $6.33 and will increase to $6.52, which is a 19 cent increase.  The tax impact to an average single family home valued at $256,000 would be approximately a $49 annual increase.  Now add that to the school side of the equation, which, as reported last week, is 86 cents.  The total tax impact will be a $1.05 increase on the average house equating to $269 annually.

In Litchfield, we have the town numbers, but have not obtained the official school district number from the town administrator’s office.  The town portion will be increased from $3.86 to $3.99, a 13 cent increase, which means a $39 per household adjustment.  From the school ballot the impact appears to be $1.105, but will be confirmed for next week’s paper.