Bush Promises Supporters at Fisk School a ‘Positive, Hopeful’ Campaign

September 25, 2015


Jeb takes a question from Jessica Lubien of Manchester.

Jeb takes a question from Jessica Lubien of Manchester.

by Bob Gibbs

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush visited the Mary Fisk Elementary School to a mostly enthusiastic crowd of supporters.

Introduced to the crowd by Salem’s own NH State President Chuck Morse, the former Florida governor went over his feelings and outlook for the country.

Bush began his speech by introducing his plan to simplify the federal tax code and to cut the personal and corporate tax rates in order to encourage job creation and economic growth for all.

Bush said he is campaigning for education and entitlement reform, balancing the federal budget, and more reliance on North American energy sources.

He also called on voters to back him in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Bush also stated, “(I’m) sick and tired of people trying to divide this country.  This president (Obama) has great skills, but he’s using most of those skills to divide us.  We’re living in a time where we are divided like nobody’s business.  We’ve never been this divided.  Whether it’s by race or income.  You can’t keep pushing people down to make yourself look better.  You have to assume that people that may not completely agree with you may not have bad motives.  They just might be wrong.  And you have to persuade them.”

He went on to say, “I will campaign with joy in my heart.  I’ll campaign in a hopeful, optimistic way.”

Taking questions from the audience, Bush answered questions about poverty and hunger, education, health care and terrorism.