Blessing Those that Give Us Joy

August 14, 2015


by Len Lathrop

The call to worship at the Litchfield Presbyterian Community Church was from chairs on the lawn.  Many of God’s creatures were on hand.

The Rev. Dr. Lori Wiley, the church pastor, spoke, “ O God, Creator of life, who made us and animals and all living things.  You are even more wonderful than the things you have made.  We thank you for giving us animals, who give us joy.  As you take care of us so well, we ask that we might take care of them well.  By doing this, we share in your own love for all creation.”

All the animals were blessed by the pastor, and their caretakers were given new understanding of their responsibilities to these members of God’s creation.

One of the dogs being blessed was Duchess, a hearing service dog.  She helps her owner, Susan Czajka, who is deaf, by alerting her to door bells and other sounds and assisting with all of life’s auditory necessities.  On this particular day, Duchess came to church without her ‘working’ jacket and so was off duty and able to play with the other dogs.

The Presbyterians Today July/August 2015 issue noted that 90 percent of pet owners say their pet has increased their quality of life, and 76% of pet owners give their pets the same healthcare as other members of their family.  Annual pet industry sales will reach $60 billion in 2015.