Blast Softball is a Team Name and a Perfect Description

April 8, 2016



by Len Lathrop

It was cold on Saturday morning and the rain hadn’t quite started as the 102 girls of the Litchfield Recreation Softball League marched, no let’s says skipped, down Albuquerque Road from Campbell High School to the Darrah Pond Softball Complex.  Yes, it is a lot more than three fields.

The Litchfield community has been supporting the softball program for over 20 years.  The complex is ready, as the dugouts have new roofs, the infields are smooth and dry despite the recent rains, the base lines are there, and it is only 9 a.m.  These dads must have been working since the sun came up.  The team’s pictures are across the front page and with this story are some of the instructional players.

The fields are busy all week long as the rec team has one practice a week and one to two games over the weekend.  The travel teams have two practices a week and play in about seven tournaments a year.  With 10 teams this season there is a lot of action within the four divisions; there are the little ladies on the instructional teams, as well as the 6U, 8U, 10U and 12U players.  And there is also a travel system where the athletes have two practices a week and play in about seven tournaments a year.

For the average player it costs about $70 per year for the parents, which means a lot of fundraisers to pay for things like the new roofs on the dugouts, which were financed by the LGSL and the 2015 10U/12U Blast teams.

The 2015 12U Blast was the first Litchfield team to win a 12U NE Regional Championship and get a paid trip to the Babe Ruth 12U world series in Alachua, Fla.  The team finished fifth in the country.  The fun fact was that they only had 11 girls tryout last year and each girl made the team.  They played against teams that had hundreds of girls who would try out for their All-Star teams.  Not bad for a small NH town.  The 2016 12U Blast team has nine of the 11 girls returning and 13 girls in all on the team.

If you’re around Darrah Pond this spring stop and watch the instructional ladies in their pink and purple uniforms.