Are You Ready for Another Light on Lowell Road?

March 24, 2017


Pelham Road Intersection

by Len Lathrop

Remember last fall when the Planning Committee sent a list of traffic issues to the Hudson Selectmen, then on Oct. 3 the Board of Selectmen voted in favor of installing a traffic light at the intersection using the Lowell Road Corridor Fund.  This past week, the bid was awarded to McFarland Johnson of Concord, N.H., for engineering services for $18,908.87; they were the lowest of the three bids submitted.

Wondering just where the light will be?  Think Pelham Road and Lowell Road.  During the presentation to the board, Town Engineer Elvis Dhima, P.E. answered a range of questions mentioning that the current light at Nottingham Plaza will work in conjunction with the new lights.  Dhima spoke to a delayed turn measurement for cars making a right hand turn to allow them out while stopping Lowell Road traffic.

This project will be funded from a Corridor Account No. 2070-000-090 which has a balance of $195,457.13.  Corridor accounts are fees collected from builders and developers as they build projects which create a traffic impact on town roads.

These engineering services include assessment of the existing Right of Way and pavement, assessment of the traffic counts completed in January 2017, attend one public meeting, if necessary.  Coordination with NHDOT and applicable stakeholders, prepare all permitting documents and acquire all permits required for construction (fees to be paid by the town).  Prepare complete design, construction plans and cost estimates.  Prepare construction bid documents using town forms.

The other two bidders submitted bids at $34,965.50 and $23,850.