Another School Principal Leaves Windham

August 26, 2016


by Barbara O’Brien

With slightly more than two weeks to go before students return to classes in Windham, the school district was hit by the resignation of yet another administrator.

It was announced in mid-August, that Windham Center School Principal Kathy Bates had tendered her resignation and accepted a job as curriculum director for the Exeter Cooperative School District.  Bates follows in the footsteps of former Windham Middle School Principal Patti Wons, who turned in her resignation a few weeks earlier, to take on the role of principal at Exeter Cooperative Middle School.  Bates worked in Windham for several years, while Wons was only employed in the Windham School District for the 2015-2016 school year.

During the Aug. 16 school board meeting, it was announced that Golden Brook School Principal Rory O’Connor would be shifting to Windham Center School, to assume the job of principal there.  Bates was said to be helping with O’Connor’s transition between the two schools, before heading off to Exeter.  Bates lives in the Stratham/Exeter area, a career move that will allow for an easier commute.

It was not clear whether O’Connor is assuming the job of Windham Center School Principal on “an interim” basis, as is the case with Windham Middle School Principal Brenda Morrow, who took over for Patti Wons earlier this summer, or if O’Connor’s appointment is a “permanent” one.

Filling the vacancy left by O’Connor at Golden Brook is Deanna Poulin, who has been named as the “interim” principal of the kindergarten through second grade school.  Poulin was promoted from the position of assistant principal at Golden Brook; a job she held for two years.  Prior to coming to Windham, Poulin taught fifth grade in the Londonderry School District.  A new assistant principal for Golden Brook School had not been selected by press time.

New Windham Middle School Assistant Principal Jay Gratton and new Facilities Director Roger Preston were also hired for those positions for what is considered “an interim” one year period.  When questioned about the reason for designating these positions as “interim,” Windham’s newest superintendent, Richard Langlois, responded that he “was not in the habit of giving jobs away.”  Although new to Windham, himself, Langlois’ position as superintendent is not “an interim” one, as he has a three-year contract with the school district.