Another Road Detour to Litchfield’s Special Election

September 13, 2019



by Len Lathrop

Less than a week after the special election to approve the renegotiated teachers’ contract had realigned the required meeting and the election day, a reconsideration request was submitted to the judge who agreed with the school board and the Litchfield Education Association that a special election was warranted.

The interventer who presented a brief to the court and spoke during the August hearing has asked for reconsideration from the judge, and, in a phone conversation with the HLNon Monday, said, depending on the judge’s response, the question of the need for a special election might be submitted to the State Supreme Court for an opinion.

The original dates for the deliberative session and the election day had to be changed last week to Oct. 1 and Oct. 29, respectively, as the supervisor of the check list had not revived and posted a voters’ list.

Litchfield Superintendent Michael Jette reported Monday that the school department is proceeding with the current dates (deliberative 10/1, voting on 10/29).  “If the judge reconsiders, we will act.  Otherwise, we have our motion granting the hearing,” Jette said.

The three-year contract presented to voters in March earlier this year failed to gain the voters’ support, so the school board and teacher unions went back to the table and released a new proposal to the public that was 23.3 percent lower than the original.  The budget committee met on this new contract several weeks ago and supported it 6-2-0, with Mr. Hodgkins and Mr. Leary opposing.  This special election will pose this one question on the ballot for the voters when they vote in the gymnasium at Campbell High School.