Alvirne’s National Honor Society Triples in Size with New Inductees

November 27, 2015


by Doug Robinson

The Alvirne High School National Honor Society inducted 37 new members, raising their membership from 19 to 56 students.

According to Principal Steve Beals, 200 students were invited to complete the application for consideration to be accepted into the society.  Of the 200 students, only 84 students filled out the application.

“The National Honor Society is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.  More than just an honor roll NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, ”states the National Honor Society.

Beals mentioned during his welcoming comments that this year’s class had “unique talents” and that he “joined with the parents with the great pride and joy for each student.  I celebrate with you.”

The composition of the 2015 class was 29 girls and nine boys.  During their admission essays, the prospective students wrote of making “choices not to succumb” to peer pressures as well as service to community.

After guest speaker Mrs. Inderbitzen, the officers of the high school’s National Honor Society spoke to the meaning of each pillar of the society:  scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

NHS student Arin Ruigrok defined scholarship as “a student’s dedication to academic achievement and commitment to learning and knowledge.”

Leadership was defined by Taylor Lambert:  “You (new inductees) have the responsibility to be leaders in the community.  With this responsibility we must remember what leadership truly is.  Being a leader is not based on the title or office position, it is not based off an election and it is not the same meaning as a boss.  Rather, leadership is based off what an individual tries to do with this responsibility.  Leadership is something cultivated over time and it is all about example.”

Madison Merrill explained that character is “Every trait that you have stems from your overall character.  You would not participate in community service activities I you did not have a will to strengthen you character.  You would not be a leader if your character was not meant to be exemplified by others.  You would not be the scholar that you are today without the characteristics of hard work and dedication.  Character is the glue that holds these pillars and your personality together.”

“For so many of us, community service is something we need to check off some list,” began Kathryn Stickney.  “What hopefully we come to realize somewhere along the way, as we’re loading that car full of canned goods, or raking a neighbor’s yard, or walking to help fight breast cancer, is just what it means to find ourselves in the service of others.  What I have come to realize during my time doing community service is that while we are out there trying to make a difference for others, the gifts that come back to us are invaluable and immeasurable.”