Alvirne Student Charged with Criminal Threatening

June 6, 2014
by Len Lathrop

A 16-year-old male student from Alvirne High School was taken into custody on Wednesday, May 28 by Hudson Police for having a hit list of five students.  The student was arrested and arraigned that afternoon in Nashua District Court after the court found that the Hudson Police had a true bill involving this juvenile.  All local news outlets were notified, and many interviewed School District Superintendant Bryan Lane and Police Chief Jason Lavoie at Alvirne following the arrest.

This week your HLN followed up with both Superintendant Lane and Captain Avery of the Hudson Police to provide our readers with an update.  As the student is a juvenile, the records are sealed, even more tightly than those of an adult who has been arrested.  Captain Avery advised that “at this time the charges are not considered adult charges and the matter remains in the juvenile court system.

Avery mentioned that he has received many phone calls from neighbors and residents concerned with their families’ safety.  He reinforced that this was a specific threat against five students and not a general threat about the high school and the community, not a random hit list.  All the families involved, three in the Hudson community and two in Pelham, have been contacted, and Pelham Police Chief Joe Roark has been involved in the ongoing case.

Lane, when asked about school consequences, explained that they are following the policy stated in the student handbook where a RSA is referenced.  According to the student handbook, the school principal can suspend a student for up to 10 days and the superintendent can suspend for an additional 10 days.  After that, the issue goes to the school board where expulsions can be voted on.  He cautioned that this situation is in the court’s hands and is still ongoing.  Until the case is adjudicated, he did not believe the board would be involved, but all were advised of the situation.

Avery could not comment on where the student was at this time, but confirmed that Hudson Police searched the juvenile’s home on Wednesday; the results of that search have been sealed by the courts.

While the HLN elected not to contact other students about the event, Lane pointed out that one positive aspect was that the reporting student, when confronted with the social media threat, felt comfortable approaching a teacher for help.  Another positive component was that the school administration and Hudson Police acted swiftly to resolve any further escalation of the situation.  Avery also spoke about how well this was handled by the school department and how every available resource of the Hudson Police was used in this investigation; patrol officers, detectives, and the prosecutor to the command staff were all active once the call was received.

Neither Lane nor Avery had the answers to many of the million dollar questions about what would ultimately happen and when, but the newspaper editor was struck by a voluntary comment from the police captain: “Alvirne is a great school, and 99.99 percent of the students are great students.  I hope that the community realizes that.”