Alvirne Jr. ROTC Makes Squadron Command Changes

June 10, 2016

by Len Lathrop

The corps of Alvirne Jr. ROTC was in formation Tuesday afternoon on Memorial Field at the school to officially change the command staff of the squadron.

The tradition of the change of command extends back to the era of King Frederick the Great of Prussia.  As the soldiers followed their leaders into battle, they kept sight of their unit flags which were specially created in a variety of colors and design.  After the battle, if the flag still waved, it meant victory was theirs.  The triumphant unit flag was exchanged in public for all to see that he who holds the flag was the unchallenged leader of the armies.  The tradition continued on Tuesday as the cadets bid farewell to the leadership of the class of 2016 and passed the torch to the class of 2017.

Presiding over the ceremony was Lt. Colonel Cheetham.

Those in attendance, family and friends of the cadets, school officials and the Alvirne Band, stood for the arrival of the colors and the singing of the national anthem by Cadet Senior Airman Catie Donahue.

The command of the Alvirne High School Air Force JR ROTC group passes from Cadet Colonel Tia Guamont to Cadet Colonel Noah Bellomo.  Cadet Major Isabelle Russell assumed command of the Operations Squadron, while the command of the Logistics Squadron passes from Cadet Lt. Colonel Gillian McNally to Cadet Major Jessica Maucieri.

The ceremony concluded as the command staff and both squadrons passed the stands in review formation.