Alvirne Hosts Air Force JROTC Drill League

November 28, 2014

by AJ Dickinson

On Saturday, Nov. 22, Alvirne High School hosted the first competition of an Air Force JROTC Drill League, which consists of Salem, Pinkerton, Spaulding, and Alvirne high schools. It was the first meet of the year and also the last time that seniors led their squads before passing the torch to their junior counterparts. The drill league meets four times a year and competes in various categories such as the color guard and regulation inspections.

Tim Campbell, a senior in the JROTC at Alvirne, enthusiastically offered his thoughts on the day: “It just feels really great; I’m just really proud of everyone out here today.”  After an 8 a.m. start, the event ran into the late afternoon.

Though Alvirne won in “unarmed regulation” and both unarmed and armed “inspection” drills they finished behind Pinkerton and Salem, leaving Spaulding High School in first overall for the day.  The efforts from the Drill League were inspirational as they carried out their competitive routines to near perfection.