Alvirne Has 31 New National Honor Society Members

November 22, 2019


by Len Lathrop

There was pomp and circumstance as Alvirne’s best and brightest walked silently and stoically into the Steckevicz gym, present members in gold robes and the soon-to-become members in maroon, gathered on the gym floor in front of their family and friends.  Society President Jack Gasdia welcomed everyone and introduced Vice Principal Susan Bureau who added her welcome before describing the dedication it takes to become part of the very elite group, explaining that it is not just grades that makes someone a National Honor Society member.  She likened the collaboration to the camaraderie in the “Band of Brothers,” which she is currently using in course work at Veterans Day: working together for a common cause, all the while giving back to the community.

David Nesbitt, a teacher, was chosen by the Society members to be the keynote speaker.  Nesbitt is slated to retire at the end of this academic year.  His remarks to the students and their parents transported the listener from “Star Trek” images and words, to the world and our country and then back to Alvirne, thanking them for being his students and for “being present in his classroom”.  He closed with the advice to the members to make friends, and to not forget those friends.

New members include Evan Beals, Nidhi Bodalwala, Danielle Burge, Olivia Cakounes, Olivia Callery, Kaitlyn Casciotti, Alexis Charbonneau, Matthew Chenel, Ryann Dionne, Abigail Dufault, Alexander Guiffrida, Amanda Griego, Rachel Hickey, Grace Hodgdon, Grady Hudson, Garrett Hughes, Thomas Keegan, Sadie Lamothe, Faith Lanzillo, Hannah Lo-Verdi, Kristina McCarthy, Eliana Ochieng, Jessica O’Connor, Zaira O’Leary, Murray Reynolds, Gabriella Riendeau, Danielle Santiago, Nicole Schiabel-Primo, Shelby Scott, Katerina Szwec, and Peter Wilkins.

Current members are Rose Boudreau, Sarina Bourdon, Sarah Davis, Alexis DeBlois, Jillian Desmond, Abigail Dubois, Alex Dubois, Mark Francisco, Sophia Garas, Jack Gasdia, Emma Greene, Makella Houdagba, Shreya Karri, Lauren Lo-Verdi, Marisa Morin, Jillian Nangle, Jane Ostberg, Hannah Peterson, Sara Ruigrok, Ella Simpson, John Sousa, and Grace Vaillancourt.

Members of National Honor Society must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher on the 4.0 scale.  Character is another category NHS pays attention to regarding candidates.  A student with high character adheres to high standards of honesty.  The National Honor Society values leadership.  It seeks out student leaders conveying good problem-solving skills and contributing ideas to the world around them, exhibiting courteousness to others, having clean disciplinary records, and suggests avoiding people and situations which might get them in trouble.  NHS seeks out students who also have a dedication to serving their community.

If you want to be in NHS, volunteer for a cause you care about and stick to that service long term.  National Honors Society members are always looking for ways to earn their 25 hours of community service that they must fulfill each year in the organization, so ask them for help in these subjects.