Alvirne and Milford to Meet Again for the Second Time in Eight Days

November 8, 2019


by Len Lathrop

If “wow” doesn’t come out of your mouth relative to Friday night’s game in Milford, it should have.

Remember it was the final regular season game for both clubs with post-season playoff seeding on the line.  Alvirne at 6-2 and Milford at 7-1.  But figuring into the playoff mix on this final weekend were also Pelham and Hollis-Brookline from the South Division and Bow, Kennett and Plymouth from the North.

Wow again.  The Spartans ran up the middle after taking the kick off, but had to punt.  Grady Hudson ran it back to the 21, it was first-and-10 on the 21, and Kyle Gora moved the ball to the 45 in two carries.  Then a bad snap allowed Milford to take over on the 25-yard line going out from where they marched to the end zone, and the point-after kick was good with 1:48 on the clock; it was 0-7.

On the kick off, the Broncos had it on the 30, 1st-and-10, Gora threw to Paul Manzi two times with Alvirne on the 41 going in.  With the count being 4th-and-1, Gora ran uphill to the 15, and with a quick pass to Ayvion Prak, Alvirne was on the board.

Milford scored again before the half and led 14-7 at halftime.  The momentum was in the Spartans’ hands.  The score went to 20-7 at 7:14 on the scoreboard in the fourth period.  Alvirne was there but certainly not in control.

Not sure what happened, but things changed.  Gora played with a new fire in his belly.  A first-and-10 pass to Prak for 6 yards then Gora ran to the 38, but the Broncos turned it over on downs on the 49.  Yet, there was a new spirit.  The question on the sideline — was it too late?  Alvirne had the ball back on downs; Gora again to Prak for five, then to Manzi for points after for two.

Alvirne recovered their onside kick and had the ball on their 32.  Gora carried on a keeper to the 18 and then there was a run where at least seven Spartans had their hands on him.  He just couldn’t be stopped and made it a tied contest with 1:48 on the clock.  Milford got the ball and ran to their 35 on the next play.  Morgan Williams intercepted with 53.1 left.  The Bronco field goal was blocked.  Then it was overtime.  Each team gets the ball on the 10-yard line and they alternate until one team outscores the other.  Alvirne got the first chance and scored on an amazing run by Alec Prescott; the point-after kick was good.  Alvirne up by 7.  Spartans got the ball.  They scored up the middle and came back lining up for a kick.  Milford Coach Avery called a time out, and when they returned, they have decided to go for two.  They prevail and win by one point.

The story is not over.  As the playoffs begin on Saturday, # 7 Alvirne is playing #2.  Yes, Milford Saturday at 1 p.m. in Milford.

And now the question of the week.  We know Alvirne can win if they show a full game with the fire we saw at the end of Friday night’s game,.  But why do coaches on both sidelines wear shorts to a cold and windy night game?  Is it superstitious as that was what they wore at the beginning of the season at the end of August?  You ask them.