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Welcome to the Area News Group. Advertising discounts are available in proportion to frequency. Please contact our office if you have any other questions. Thank you!

The Area News Group delivers three separate papers each Friday to every home in Hudson and Litchfield, Pelham and Windham, and Salem, NH via U.S. mail.

Ad rates listed (right) are to run in one of our three papers. Price sheets for area rates and each paper are available here (PDF).

In addition to the regular rate, a minimum color charge (one ad, one paper) is $50.00 for quarter page or smaller, $100.00 for half page or smaller, and $200.00 for full page or smaller.

Discount rates are available to run in more than one paper. Click here to download our rate sheet (PDF) for more information.


Inserts and Color Available

Please download our rate sheet (PDF) for more information.

Contact us for a quote at (603) 880-1516 or email us at


Half tone requirements: 90 lines ~ Minimum 180 DPI, 200-300 DPI preferred.

Formats Accepted: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, most major graphic design programs, Mac or Windows.

We prefer not to accept pictures/photos/graphics embedded in a text document, ie. Microsoft Word, as they do not reproduce consistently. Items not submitted camera-ready may have fonts substituted or changed if we do not have the specified font.

Single Paper Rates (Broad Sheet Size Newspaper)
Open Rate (run of paper) $12.25 column inch
Thumbs Page (subject to space available) $14.80 column inch
Real Estate (subject to space available) $14.30 column inch
Back Page (subject to space available) $18.50 column inch
Front Page (subject to space available
and minimum size requirements)
$42.50 column inch
Full color included
Precalculated Rates
Business Card (3.79″ w X 2″ h, 4 column inches) $49.00
Quarter Page (31.5 column inches) $386.00
Half Page (63 column inches) $772.00
Full Page (126 column inches) $1544.00
Mechanical Requirements
1 column 1 13/16 inches min.
2 columns 3 3/4 inches
3 columns 5 3/4 inches
4 columns 7 11/16 inches
5 columns 9 5/8 inches
6 columns 11 5/8 inches
Full Page 21 Inches high x 6 columns