Adrian Villanueva Takes Top Honors at PES Spelling Bee

January 20, 2017


submitted by Kim Kearney

On Jan. 11, Pelham Elementary School held its 11th Annual Spelling Bee with 19 participants vying for the title from grades three, four and five: Mya Belanger, Lucy Daloia, Sonya Desroches, Anthony Detellis, Jacob Hupper, Mason Ketelaar, Madelyn Martone, Ryan Morin, Brady O’Connor, Henry Paquette, Grace Riley, Ben Riordan, Aiden Sanzo, Kai Sierra, Nathan Souza, Mia Suchecki, Aaron Vann, Vance Vertuccio and Adrian Villanueva.

The activity was sponsored by the Pelham Elementary School Council with Kim Kearney, the school’s reading specialist for grades three through five, coordinating the event.  Spelling bee judges were Deb Ryan, vice chair of the Pelham School Board; Danielle Pilato, PES PTA president; Brenda Hobbs, PESPA president; Lauren Hall,  KABC teacher and special education case manager; and Lauren DiRenzo, health and wellness teacher.  Miss Szuksta, fourth grade case manager and special education teacher acted as the “Recorder,” and Becky George, a retired Pelham Elementary School teacher, graciously volunteered her time to be the “Pronouncer.”  A special thank you goes out to all of these individuals as well as the PES School Council members for their hard work and dedication to the students.

The bee began at 10 a.m. and continued until 11:30 a.m.  More than half of the students remained in the competition until round 6.  The “Final Five” (Madelyn Martone, Ryan Morin, Ben Riordan, Kai Sierra and Adrian Villanueva) reached the tenth round, and it wasn’t until the 14th round when Adrian pulled out the victory and became the school champion by correctly spelling the word “rendition.”  Madelyn Martone finished as the school alternate.  She provided stiff competition for Adrian.  Nice job, Madelyn!

The Pelham Elementary School family congratulates all of the participants and wishes Adrian best of luck in the statewide competition on Feb. 25 at the Capitol Center.