A Special Train Ride for Ella

November 8, 2019


by Len Lathrop

A special Halloween came to Ella Gordon at Hills Garrison last Thursday, as the rain could not stop the parade of the adorables at HGS.

As the engineer of the Hogwarts Express, Ella, dressed in her Hogwarts student garb, drove the custom-made engine up and down hallways filled with the students in their costumes.

The red Hogwarts engine was built as a surprise for Ella, by a group of Alvirne students, Murray Reynolds, Evan Beals, Camilla Isaaza, Jake Dufour, Justin Bolduc, Jessica O’Connor, Jillian Nangle and Kendall Nangle and former student Ethan Beals.  Ella had no idea about the project and first saw it at the reveal in the hallway just before the parade.

Ella was diagnosed as an infant with a degenerative medical condition -– spinal muscular atrophy.  The red engine had front lights on the engine with a hanging lantern for Ella the engineer, and bubbles from the smokestack blew in the hallway.  Designed to mount to the tie-down anchors of Ella’s wheelchair, it only took four snap pins to be secure.  Made of PVC pipe and lightweight wood, it was painted in the color of the engine in the Harry Potter stories.