A Salute to the Graduates of the Hudson Youth Police Academy

July 26, 2019

by Doug Robinson

The members of Hudson’s fifth Youth Police Academy stood loud and proud as they returned their graduation salute from Hudson Police Chief William Avery during their ‘field day’ graduation exercise.

Together, as a cohesive team, the academy participants, HPD leaders, and their families and friends celebrated their moment as they sat in sweltering heat, without complaint, as they celebrated and received their certificate of completion of the Hudson police department’s Fifth Youth Police Academy.

“Under the leadership of the school resource officers the Hudson Youth Police Academy provides (area) youth, ages 10-14, an opportunity to interact with the police officers in an effort to foster responsible citizenship and introduce them to public safety services,” writes the Hudson Police Department.  “(The officers) provide learning experiences through lectures, role play, and demonstration.  The topics of interest will include:  CPR, Police K-9, Patrol Duties, Laws of Arrest, and Criminal Investigations to name of few.  Cadets will participate in an enthusiastic physical training program in a ‘Para military’ setting.  Cadets will also learn how to march in formation, work as a team, and gain valuable leadership skills.”

The week-long youth academy offered the youth the opportunity to explore and learn many aspects of life as a police officer.  From cruisers to citizenship, leadership to laws of arrest, including SWAT, CSI, KP, and CPR, students received firsthand education and experiences from Hudson Police officers.

Chief Avery addressed the Class of 2019 with encouraging words and valuable life lessons applicable to everyone.  He said, “Be respectful,” have “integrity at all times, never bully, we stick up for each other,” “be a leader, do what is right every moment every day,” and “never be embarrassed to tell your parent you love them.  Hug them and kiss them.  Be proud. I salute you and everything you do in life.”