A Rainy Litchfield Parade can’t Dampen Patriotic Spirits

June 3, 2016


by Kaylee Murphy

Despite the rainy weather Litchfield pressed on with their Memorial Day events.  Many other towns decided to cancel their outdoor parades.  Some towns decided to host the events indoors.  A good number of people watched the parade and huddled in the fire station afterward for the rest of the ceremonies.

“If those that served had to do their job in horrendous conditions the least we can do is show up in a little bit of weather for them,” said Janie Hood, parent of one of the kids in the band and Boy Scout troop.

Several people spoke including Dr. Steven Calawa, Reverend, Dr. Lori Wiley, Margaret Parent and State Senator Donna Soucy.  John Hopwood spoke in regards to the 75th Anniversary attack on Pearl Harbor.

Campbell High School choirs sang “America” and “America the Beautiful” while the crowd sang along.  The Campbell High School Band played the “Alamo March” as well as the “Elegy for the U.S.S. Arizona,” and each service song.  The people who have served for the country stood up when their service song was played.

The graduating Campbell High School students who plan on serving the country participated in the wreath placement, while the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts assisted.  Carolyn Lambert and Brownie Girl Scout Troop 14016 performed the placement of flags at the church cemetery.