A Quarter Century of Excellence at Hudson Schools

August 30, 2019


As the administrators and staff of the Hudson school system gathered Tuesday morning at Alvirne, as is tradition the first order of business was to recognize those who have served Hudson students for 25 years.  As Superintendent Larry Russell began he asked that anyone born after 1994 to please stand, they were about 10 in the gathering.  Russell then mentioned that these teachers had been in the classroom as long as they had been alive.  The honorees are as follows:

Jo-Ann Gaynor, Hills Garrison

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Jo-Ann Gaynor on her 25 years of service in the Hudson School District. Just think about the impact one has on the community and how many lives one touches over the scope of 25 years. Assuming an average class size of 25 students, Jo-Ann has influenced and shaped the lives of 625 Hudson youths, youths who have gone on to graduate, attend college or prepare for a career, and start families of their own. In 25 years, one finds that the students in front of them now are the children of former students.  When you see a big smile as a student says, “Wow!  My mom had you!” then you begin to see just how far your influence extends.

After beginning her time in Hudson as a behavior teacher, Jo-Ann shifted to teaching students in the fourth and fifth grades. She has been a part of the H. O. Smith and Hills Garrison School communities, where she actively contributes to activities that enhance the lives of students and families through her participation at concerts, clubs, and school events. She even bravely donned the full garb of Mrs. Claus at the HGS Holiday Stroll.

Thank you, Jo-Ann, for all you have done, and continue to do, for the students of the Hudson School District. What you do each day makes a difference, and we are grateful for your dedication.

Sherri Lavoie, Alvirne High School

Sherri is one of very few educators who has worked at all levels in the Hudson School District: elementary, middle, and currently high school.  She has dedicated her career to supporting students through their reluctance, educational disabilities, and always with a personal and genuine care. Currently, as assistant principal for Special Services at Alvirne, she manages the school’s largest department with care for all and collaboration, while her countless family connections assist her work.  Sherri is equally dedicated as a Hudson resident, consistently volunteering time in the community where she grew up and where she has raised her family.

Ann-Lee Thibeault, Alvirne High School

Ann-Lee has spent a quarter century supporting math students at Hudson Memorial and currently Alvirne.  She is soft spoken, calm, and genuine in her interactions with all students and colleagues. Ann-Lee breaks through to reluctant math learners, proving that with dedication, effort, and grit, everyone can be successful in math.  Please join me in congratulating Ann-Lee Thibeault for her service in Hudson.