A Golden Moment for Three Hudson Educators

August 31, 2018


It was a golden moment, during a teacher orientation meeting on Thursday, Aug. 23, at Alvirne High School, when three educators were recognized for 25 years of service: Terry Fournier, Jeannine Hines and Cindi Stratton. Many accolades were heard about each dedicated educator, with all three being presented with a watch to mark their milestone.

Terry Fournier

In the 25 years of working in the Hudson School District, Terry has had the opportunity to work with students and staff at Nottingham West, Hills Garrison, Hudson Memorial, and at the Early Learning Center. Through all of these years and schools she has been part of so many students’ learning and support system.

Many students have had the good fortune to be in a classroom where Terry Fournier was the para-educator. Terry’s genuine love of children, coupled with her strong desire to help each child achieve the most that they can, is what makes her a respected member of the ELC and Hudson School District.

Terry can be counted on to do what it takes to support all students in their learning, and staff in their instruction. Terry is a positive presence. She strives to make each day and all encounters with staff and students upbeat and supportive. The Hudson School District is lucky to have such a dedicated para-educator at the ELC and in the district.

Jeannine Hines

She is a dedicated teacher who has faithfully served the Hudson Memorial School community for the past 25 years. Every day, from the moment she walks in the door, she is “on,” focused on the business of school and greeting every child and staff member with a smile and a good word or a bit of humor. Over the years, Hines has masterfully created a classroom environment that is a safe haven for students. Under her guidance, she shows her students how to be kind, how to build a good work ethic, and how to embrace a positive growth-mindset. In turn, students feel that Hines values and appreciates them for who they are. Anyone that meets Jeannine knows right from the start that she enjoys working with students. Her warmth and laughter are infectious. She is a gifted and talented teacher who shares her love of learning with all those around her. It is no wonder that she is held in high esteem by both her students and her fellow staff members.

For that very reason, and so many more, this past year, Jeannine was awarded the Hudson Memorial School Inspirational Teacher of the Year award as a faculty member who motivates “her/his students to stretch their limits, meet new challenges, and find success on the road to learning. Inspirational teachers are passionate about the subject they teach, and they work hard to nurture the young curious minds sitting in their classroom every day. With great intuitiveness, inspirational teachers see the whole child and her/his untapped potential and empower her/his students with the perseverance needed to achieve academic goals. The inspirational teacher does this work without the need for attention or accolades. She or he does this daily work quietly, with warmth, enthusiasm, humor, reflection, and compassion.” This award sums up perfectly who Jeannine Hines is as an educator, colleague, friend, and member of the HMS family. Her fellow HMS staff members have dubbed her ‘Inspirational Teacher of the Year.’

Cindi Stratton

Cindi has served the district in many capacities. She began as a para-educator in the preschool program, and then became a special education preschool teacher. The next stops on her journey brought her to first grade, then second grade as a looping teacher and mentor teacher.

The Early Learning Center was very fortunate three years ago when Cindi requested to become the intervention teacher for kindergarten. Because of her hard work and dedication, many students who enter kindergarten not knowing the difference between a number and a letter leave kindergarten as emerging readers and with the ability to understand numbers and what they represent.

Cindi is insightful and reflective, always thinking about what might help a struggling learner get to that ‘Aha’ moment and solidify a skill. Her varied experiences in the early childhood setting provided her with the skill set and knowledge that naturally lent itself to her success as an Intervention Teacher. The students and staff of the ELC are fortunate to have her and grateful for all that she does.