A Glorious Start to Easter

 Staff photos by Doug Robinson
Members of the Youth Group assist Rev. Bill with the Easter Sunrise Service

As the sun stretches and tops the trees, entering high into the morning sky, the brilliant sunrise can be seen behind the cross.



by Doug Robinson

The First Congregational Church of Pelham held their annual Easter Sunrise Service on the lawns of Harris’ Pelham Inn.  Overlooking the lake below, over a hundred parishioners came together to Worship.  Youth Group members of the First Congregational Church assisted Reverend Bill Ferguson in leading the congregation from an Easter Proclamation, Call to Worship, Prayer, Scripture, Meditation, and renewal of Baptism Vows.

Reverend Bill’s enthusiastic sermon spoke of a life without complaining.  From his personal life, he shared a recent mishap where he injured himself during a fall, and how that led to his complaining about the injury.  He spoke of not having enough energy to satisfy all the kids in youth group.  And he shared his thought about a world in which there was no complaining.

“To complain is to want control” continued Rev. Bill.  “Too many things in our life are not in our control.”

Rev. Bill spoke of when it was learned that Jesus had Risen, “No where in the Bible does it read that anyone complained.”  Jesus’ death caused an action.  And that action was of peace and love and faith.

“We are called to remember.  We are all loved.”