A Dream to Give Back

September 11, 2015


by Len Lathrop

How many of us think about doing great things, but one issue or another gets in the way?  Well, please meet Shefali Kalyani and her husband, Vinay, who have an amazing story, which came from a desire to help.

Your Community Patriot found out about this group of volunteers led by the husband-and-wife team from a phone call where Kalyani wanted to be sure that the Salem homeless and those truly in need knew they had a place to go.  Every Sunday night, depending on the week of the month, they are welcome to come to St. Julia Hall at the St. Joseph Parish or on the last Sunday of the month to the Pleasant Street Methodist Church hall for a meal.  Don’t worry about being in the wrong place as the two church parking lots are next to each other.

The Kalyanis have formed a 501(c)(3) charity to keep the record, but they are not associated with either church, yet are thankful to use these facilities.  Shefali buys all the food and prepares it with her husband and help of their friends.  Shefali related that about 10 friends help and donate funds.

Currently about 20 folks are coming for the meal, but Kalyani knows from Salem School Superintendent Mike Delahanty that there are about 60 homeless children in the Salem school system.  She believes there are others who need a meal on Sunday nights.

When you talk to Shefali, she explains that she came from India when she was 12, and this country and her town of Salem, provided her with so much that she wanted to do something to give back and felt that helping people who need meals is a great way.  Kalyani works in IT for a large corporation and has made this happen.

If you visit their website, www.wecarecharity.org, you will see that Kalyani and friends are even more than she explains.  In fact, they provide meals to the Nashua Soup Kitchen the fourth Saturday of every month as well as the Portsmouth Soup Kitchen, and cook for the children at the Nashua Children’s Home.  Reaching back to their homeland, they have sent over 9,000 pounds of clothing to the needy there and fund a grain distribution program in Pune, India, that feeds families daily.

Shefali did not call to talk about all that the We Care Charity do, but to be sure that the needed and hungry in Salem know where to go to get a hot meal on a Sunday night.