A Creative Countdown for Hudson Kindergartners

February 16, 2018


by Len Lathrop

Feb. 12 marked this celebrated timeframe. For years the 100-day mark has been celebrated in Hudson’s early education center. This time the kindergarten teachers challenged their students and, of course, parents to make a visual graphic of the days on t-shirts.

A hallway parade was the highlight of both sessions where the preschool students lined the corridor to clap and cheer the kindergarteners while the students rewarded the spectators with smiles and waves.

Shirts had 100 eyeballs, 100 feathers, 100 hearts, 100 pompoms, 100 letters, and many more graphic designs – all were very creative to mark the school year being 55 percent over.

The teachers joined the counting exercise with shirts of their own. Can you see 100 Band Aids, 100 metal buttons …?

This year marked a change in the 100-day celebration, as the new approach seemed more academically motivated; no longer were the 5 and 6 year olds dressed up as seniors as in years past.