A Brief Visit Home as Allegations Swirl – Trump’s National Campaign Manager Returns to Windham

April 8, 2016


by Barbara O’Brien

This past weekend, Corey Lewandowski, national campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, made a quick trip home to Windham to attend the annual town-sponsored “Daddy/Daughter Dance” at Castleton.

According to long-time friend and Republican political advocate Bruce Breton, Lewandowski flew back to New Hampshire on April 1, just in time to escort his young daughter to that evening’s event.  “The dance is very popular here in town,” Breton said.  “Corey had asked Cheryl Haas (Recreation Coordinator) to reserve him tickets several months ago,” Breton said.  Breton, who served as one of the chaperones for the dance, is also one of Windham’s five selectmen, now in his second year of a three-year term.

School board member Tom Murray also attended the Daddy/Daughter Dance with his youngest daughter.  Referring to Lewandowski’s attendance at the dance, Murray said, “That just shows you how important the dance was to him and his daughter.

“He’s a stand-up family man in my book,” Murray added.  “Anytime I have ever talked to him he has been a nice guy,” Murray said.  “We all had a lot of fun at the dance.”  Lewandowski and his wife have four young children.  They have lived in Windham for about 15 years.

According to Breton, Lewandowski flew back to Wisconsin to rejoin the Trump campaign in the early morning hours of April 2.  The Wisconsin Primary Election was slated for three days later.  “Corey is on the road so much of the time,” Breton commented.  “It was just great that he was able to get home to visit, even for a little while.”

Breton also remarked that there had initially been some concern about Lewandowski being at the dance, due to his association with Trump and also recent allegations that he assaulted a reporter in Florida.  Breton said that Windham Police Chief Gerald Lewis had been notified of Lewandowski’s plans in advance of the dance.  “There were no problems with the national press showing up at the event, however,” Breton noted.  “Thankfully, it was just a great night for a lot of Windham dads and their daughters.”

“Corey has been a great friend of mine for years,” Breton said, recalling that the two of them first met about 12 years ago.  Breton, who underwent extensive heart surgery several years ago, commented that Lewandowski had visited him at the hospital on several occasions during his ordeal, and had also been there when Breton’s parents experienced health problems.  “Corey is one of the hardest-working, dedicated, nicest people you could ever meet,” Breton said.  “He’s simply an outstanding guy.”

Lewandowski has been a New Hampshire-based activist for the past 20 years.  He is the former New Hampshire Director of Americans for Prosperity, a position that was followed by his being named as the East Coast Regional Director of Americans for Prosperity.  More recently he served as the director of national voter registration for the organization.  In 2012, Lewandowski ran unsuccessfully as Windham’s town treasurer, losing to long-term town treasurer Bob Skinner.  He and Breton were also successfully involved in an endeavor to acquire lower cost insurance premiums for the Town of Windham.

Breton said that he and Lewandowski still talk on the phone once or twice a week.  When asked if they discuss the simple assault charge brought against Lewandowski, Breton said they really don’t talk about it.  “We just focus on getting Mr. Trump nominated as the Republican candidate for president,” Breton said.  As for the charge itself, Breton commented.  “I think it’s just much ado about nothing.”

Trump and Lewandowski met at a New Hampshire forum entitled “The Freedom Summit” in April of 2014.  Breton, who also attended the event, said it was held at the Yard Restaurant.  Trump had been a guest speaker.

The simple battery charge against Lewandowski, 42, was brought by Jupiter, Florida police after a complaint was lodged by former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields, following an alleged incident at the Trump National Golf Club, at the conclusion of a press conference on March 8.  Lewandowski is accused of having grabbed and consequently bruised Fields’ left arm as she attempted to elicit a response from Trump.

According to the arrest report, Fields told police she tried to ask Trump a question as he exited the ballroom, following his speech.  She held up her cell phone as a recording device, asked a question and then felt someone yank her left arm, she stated.  Fields said she began to fall backward, but was able to catch herself from falling.”  Fields also reportedly told police that she then turned to Washington Post reporter Ben Terris and asked if it was Lewandowski who had grabbed her.  Terris allegedly confirmed that it was Lewandowski who had grabbed Fields’ arm.

Fields filed her complaint with the Jupiter Police Department on March 11, three days after the alleged incident.  When she arrived at the police station, she reportedly showed a detective her left forearm.  According to the written report of the alleged incident, the detective noted bruising from what appeared to be several finger marks, indicating a grabbing type of injury.

Lewandowski has pled innocent to the charge of simple battery, a first-degree misdemeanor that carries the possibility of a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.  Based on Fields’ allegations, an eye-witness account and a surveillance tape of the incident, Jupiter Police determined that probable cause exists.  A court date has been set for May 4.  Trump has publically defended Lewandowski, stating that he is “absolutely innocent” and “will be exonerated.”