62% Still Makes a Great Eclipse

August 25, 2017


by Len Lathrop

Roughly 100 people exited from the meeting room at the Rodgers Library on Monday afternoon when it was announced by library staff that it had started.  The entrance was full of folks of all ages with many different ways to take a peek at the event that has happened in the United States since Feb. 26, 1979.  It did not seem important that in Hudson it would not be a total darkout.

A quick search did reveal the number of people who took time out of their day to take a look; we all saw President Trump grabbing a glimpse both with and without the recommended eye protection.  At the Rodgers Library there were many safe methods being used, some that were really successful; while the kitchen colander seemed very safe for one’s eyesight, the visual releases were less than impressive.  At some point it seemed the runaway from the kitchen sink was a better hat than it was eye protection.  The best were the special glasses that any people brought with them and the many pairs that the library passed out.

As the event lasted for over an hour, people were great about sharing the glasses so everyone had a chance to see the event.

The library staff was very involved in the meeting room showing the live broadcast from NASA and serving some great cookies and drinks.  In the children’s library a facsimile of the event could be constructed.

The next time people with very strange glasses will be on the library lawn will be in April of 2024.