500 Kids Scramble to Collect Easter Eggs

April 14, 2017


by David S. Morin

Twelve thousand colored Easter eggs covered the field at the H. O. Smith School on Saturday for the Annual Hudson Recreation Easter Egg Hunt.  The egg hunt has been held for the last five years; this was the first year the event was held at the school.  The weather was perfect for the 500 children who participated in the event.

Recreation Director Dave Yates kicked off the hunt with a 10-second count down then the flag starting line dropped and children with Easter Baskets in hand dashed across the field scooping up as many eggs as they could.  Within minutes the field was clean of the eggs as the kids gathered them up and headed for the sidelines to open the eggs and reap the candy awards inside.

The egg hunt featured three different age groups collecting eggs: 4-year-olds and under, kindergarten to second grade, and third grade to fifth grade.  The Easter Bunny was on hand to oversee the hunt, and posing for photos.

This event is put on by the town’s Recreation Department and takes a month’s worth of time to plan the event.  Administrative Assistant Chrissy Peterson said she has her own children and several volunteers help her fill the 12, 000 eggs with candy.  This is done at home and fills several large containers.  The planning also includes getting the message out when the hunt will take place, readying the field, contacting the Easter Bunny and most importantly the placing of the 12,000 eggs.  Holding the hunt at H. O. Smith Field allowed for participants to use the bathroom facilities at the Recreation Building and made for an easier set up and take down of the event.

Each year the event becomes more popular.  The Egg Hunt gets bigger and bigger each year Dave Yates said.  He went on to say he is happy to work in such a great community and grateful for the volunteers who help make the event a success each year.