37 Challenged to Ring the Bell to Join AHS-NHS

December 8, 2017


by Len Lathrop

The Steckevicz was the site of the Alvirne High School National Honor Society on Thursday when 37 of the school’s top students joined the 43 current members.

As part of the ceremony where students are inducted and receive the gold and blue national honor society cord which they next will wear at commencement, Alvirne history has them ring a large school bell in cerebration of their achievements.  Some do it with vigor while some have to have a couple of tries at it.

To become a member of this national society the student must excel in four areas of school life.  These areas were outlined by the current chapter officers during the conclave.  Society president Emma Beals served as Master of Ceremonies on Thursday, welcoming everyone and introducing the speakers.

National Honor Society students must perform well across a variety of areas.  All NHS members must maintain a grade point average of 85 percent.  They must also perform acts of community service, demonstrate leadership ability, prove to be of good character, and understand the concept of civic involvement.

Guest speaker was Kelly Fontaine a member of the school guidance team, and for many of the past years, the advisor to the society.  After congratulating the newest members, she spoke of the dedications to their schoolwork and community that had brought them here.  She spoke of the work ethic that their parents have instilled in them which has made them successful students.

Having been at many inductions she mentioned the panic in living up to former keynote speakers, remarking about Mrs. LaFrance making it rain and Mrs. Inderbitzen setting off a chemical reaction, but decided to keep her remarks about coming to Alvirne every day for over 20 years and the changes she has seen: “ Teachers have come and gone, principals have come and gone, but one thing remains the same – the members of the National Honor Society have always set the standard for the rest of our students.”

Then she spoke to the students, “Alvirne is a special place.  You are lucky to be students at a school that emphasizes not only education, but also the importance of community.  Our core values align nicely with the four pillars of the National Honor Society.  The Scholarship pillar aligns with the Curiosity core value.  You are not in class just to sit there and be passive learners, you are curious to learn more about the subject, you question, and you take an active part in your education.

The Leadership pillar can be seen in our core value of commitment.  You all show commitment whether you are leaders on an athletic team or in an organization.  Not everyone will be elected team captain or student council president, but you demonstrate leadership in the classroom as the person the teacher can count on to be a good role model for the other students.

The Service pillar lines up with our core value of community.  This one speaks for itself.  You have all been accepted into the National Honor Society due to your community service.  For you, community service is a part of your lives, not something you do just to fill in a resume or a college application.  I am certain that when you head off to college, service is something that will still be an important part of your lives.  Character – this is the pillar and core value I feel is most important.  The other pillars really are meaningless without character.  When you are participating in school events, whether a game, a theater production, a musical performance, or other extracurricular activities, we are confident you represent yourself and Alvirne in a positive way.”

Inducted member for 2017 were Jake Apitz, Lauren Balukonis, Damien Barahona, Katelyn Bergeron, James Bertrand, Ashley Blais, Portia Butrym, Joseph Canelas, Kiara Chase, Maria Chouinard, Harper Colburn, Alexander Fitzpatrick, Jessica Fontaine, Gabriella Gonzalez, Victoria Gush, Kyle Harkins, Garrett Lambert, Sarah Lavoie, Madailein Lindsay, Caitlin Lynch, Kelly McDermott, Haley Peaslee, Margaret Raposa, Katelynn Rice, Devon Rosier, Julia Ryan, Alicia Salvalzo, Ryan Santos, Helen Smith, Jacqueline Smith, Zoe Speros, Sarah Thibodeau, Lauren Vecchiarello, Tiffany Wee Sit, Ryan Weston, Sarah Yi, and Lily Zheng.

Joining current members Drew Alves, Morgan Atherton, Adam Banatwala, Emma Beals, Jeremy Bistany, Amanda Blais, Hannah Bowen, Isabel Breakey, Hayden Callery, Katherine Callery, Jamie Calvagna, Samantha Chase, Sara Clement, Tyler Daigle, Hanna Davio, James Descoteau, Meredith Gauthier, Georgie Gentile, Kendra Gerace, Matthew Hunter, Ain Imchen, Uzair Khalid, Katlyn Kimball-Sweeney, Marina Kovalcin, Connor Lambert, Ashley Larose, Sophia Lee, Cameron Levesque, Shawn Lynch, Felicia Manzi, Jared Natola, Parth Patel, Dillon Pinard, Tyler Prather, Cameron Price, Ryan Ruigrok, Autumn Saab, Ava Scott, Cassandra Shelley, Nicholas Spargo, Joshua Trzcienski, Hanna Vaillancourt, and Abby Watterson.

Speaking to the two groups of students and those in attendance, Principal Beals had invited Mrs. Pauline Boisvert to be an honored guest on the dais, but it seemed that Mrs. Boisvert didn’t know that Beals would make her a role model for the group.  Boisvert runs the food pantry at St. John church and, in addition to being active in several other community organizations, has helped develop a program that functions in conjunction with the school system and the Alvirne national honor society’s work on a weekly basis so many of these programs meet their objectives.  These programs provide meals for the weekends for students in all five Hudson schools who do not have enough to eat on weekends during the school year, and across the entire week during the summer when schools are closed.

The NHS members help pack the bags weekly and also support the program in other ways.  Beals outlined how important these programs have been and how the four pillars of the NHS can be found in Mrs. Boisvert whom Beals referred to as the NHS member for the town of Hudson and a role model for members present.

Beals sighted the work that made each new member of the society special and addressed each by first name, noting their involvement in the school community and the outside community also.  From big things, to a simple gesture one family has of their student leaning across the car when her mother drops her off every morning to get a kiss on the head.  He then, in a way only Beals could pull off, noted his own daughter (a senior and president of the NHS) had not offered him a kiss in nine months; as he pointed to his cheek she stood up and gave him a kiss.

The induction came to a close with all NHS members standing together with lit candles to end the service.