100 Days in Kindergarten as if Each was a Year

February 12, 2016


by Len Lathrop

In today’s world of electronic messages, the invitation came to visit the ELC (Hudson School District’s Early Learning Center) –what was known as the Library Street School and H. O. Smith School– as it was the 100th day of kindergarten and the students had dressed up for the special day.

Upon arrival for the “newspaper guy,” all of a sudden the world was smaller, and, as you went down the hallway, all these students came out of their rooms dressed as 100-year-old adults.  It was a 60-degree winter day with full sunshine, so outside we went, and half of the 100-year-old pretenders sat on the wall as the ones with canes (no disrespect to canes) were in front.  Several pictures later we were done (you know how those make-believe centenarians can’t all look at once).  The baggy nylons were one of the best costume elements as demonstrated by Mia.  And a big “thumbs up” to the work of the moms and dads who made this happen.